Vision and Mission

Our vision
To be the nation’s premier center for aerospace manufacturing research through university-industry partnership.

Our mission

Our mission is to serve as a national center of excellence to research, develop, evaluate and demonstrate methodologies and tools for rapid and cost-effective manufacturing of aerospace products and to educate the evolving aerospace manufacturing workforce, resulting in significant technological advancement and economic impact.



  • Research, develop, evaluate, demonstrate, and transfer advanced technologies of critical importance to the aerospace defense and commercial manufacturing industries in the United States. 

  • Create knowledge, methodologies, and tools that can improve affordability, rapidity, quality, productivity, reliability, and safety in aerospace manufacturing.

  • Disseminate the knowledge, methodologies, and tools developed by the Center to the aerospace manufacturing industry through direct technology transfer as well as the development of education, training, and outreach activities.

  • Serve as a role model of university-industry-government collaborative partnership.

Industrial Advisory Board